IP Penetration Testing & Monitoring

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

IP Penetration Testing & Monitoring

The ISG Internet Provider (IP) penetration testing and 24/7 monitoring service protects against real time hacking and eavesdropping for full network security.

  • Real time vulnerability assessment
  • 24/7 Vulnerability scanning
  • Scan Cloud, local and public IP addresses
  • Scan WiFi networks



Traditionally, in order to validate the security of the network an IT Specialist is contracted to perform an assessment.  The IT Specialist, also referred to as the Red Team, typically spend a week or more conducting the security assessments, and penetration tests on the networks and systems. Penetration tests use the same techniques and attacks that real world hackers employ to try to infiltrate secure systems.

Given the possible number of IT sites to evaluate such as multiple offices and homes, along with the limited number of IT specialist capable to perform such testing, the end result is ineffective. Scheduling periodic assessments results in the IT security being spot checked at best and completely ignored at worst.

All too often, because of its very nature and lack of comprehensiveness, periodic assessments do not result in increased overall IT security. Many of today’s advanced and persistent threats require smarter techniques along with greater time to identify.

Additionally, without regularly security scanning a network, what is observed is often limited to what is active at the time of assessment. It is easy for attacks to be missed or to manifest after the test is ‘complete.’


In an ideal world there would be a dedicated Red Team to constantly scan and attack the site in order to identify attacks, find new vulnerabilities and aggressively check the effectiveness of the IT security systems. However, until now, the practicality of this approach was limited by both budgetary and human resources.

ISG can install an IT Cyborg – a network vulnerability appliance that provides visibility and penetration testing remotely – establishing a persistent presence at each site. The IT Cyborg is preconfigured, to reside on the network and provide a platform for the ISG Red Team to identify anomalies, weaknesses and attacks on the network. When these anomalies are detected or suspicious activity surfaces, the ISG Red Team is automatically notified and can utilize the IT Cyborg to diagnose and address the issue.


You will no longer have to arrange to send IT Specialists, to spend days on site, to know what adversarial activity is hitting your network at the time of the assessment. Deploying the IT Cyborg across your home, office or multi location networks; ISG can install the IT Cyborg and compile information you need 24/7 to meet regulations and most importantly stay secure.

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